Marina accompanies Yago to his parents’ house to help him with the move that will effectually end their relationship. The fate of the couple, however, remains uncertain until the moment in which Marina takes the bus ride that will definitively separate the couple.

Gloria Sin Ventanas


As a means to better her relationship with her husband Adrián, Gloria suggests popping a balloon hanging from the kitchen ceiling every morning, each containing a piece of matrimonial advice. Adrián accepts, even though he already knows that his wife’s new plan is not going to work. He is the only one that knows the reason for their mutual unhappiness and he has no intention to reveal it.



Alvaro moves to New York and begins living with Gita. Soon, she tells him about her romance with a mysterious, unseen man she has painted in yellow. Alvaro doesn't follow her example and keeps a secret about his obsession with Sofia, the woman without breasts and with a penis. But the young man realizes that he has to fight against the strong nexus that unites him with Gita: the fantasy. MISUNDERSTOOD is the story of a person that understands that in order to project a sincere smile, you must accept yourself first.